How was Kobe named?

“Kobe” is a port city in southern Japan, near Osaka, where teppan-yaki originated over 50 years ago. The correct pronunciation of Kobe is “KOH-beh”, not “KOH-bee” (like the basketball star Bryant).

Do you use the famously expensive Kobe beef?

While we serve mostly premium Certified Angus Beef (CAB), KOBE does indeed serve “Kobe Beef”,(when available) more appropriately called “Wagyu”, on its special menu. The Wagyu served at KOBE is the genuine article, pure Japanese Wagyu imported from Japan. This is the same tender, rich and buttery beef sold at high-end steakhouses for upwards of $200. At KOBE, you’ll be able to enjoy the Wagyu served hot off the grill for less than half that price. Call the restaurant for more details.

Does Kobe do anything special for birthdays?

Yes, Kobe provides a slice of cake free of charge to those celebrating a birthday within 10 days of their visit. Kobe’s kimono-clad servers will light a candle, beat on traditional Japanese folk instruments, and sing the birthday song as the cake is delivered. Please inform the front desk of the birthday as you are being seated. Kobe reserves the right to ask for proof of birth date with any birthday request.

Can I get a private table?

If you have eight to 10 guests, you will probably be seated at your own table. Kobe has a few smaller tables that seat six to eight, but we can’t guarantee availability. Communal seating is a part of the Kobe experience, and small parties are asked to expect to be seated with others.

Are there other Kobe restaurants?

There are two very similar Kobe Japanese Steak Houses in Hawaii (Oahu and Maui) and one in Vancouver, Canada. These were founded by the same restaurateurs as Kobe in Rancho Mirage, but are now owned separately. Other restaurants use the “Kobe” name, but are entirely unrelated.

Why do I often have to wait to be seated?

Kobe’s seating schedule is unique in that chefs must prepare orders and cook for each guest individually. As such, chef availability is the key factor, not table space. We try to allow for a very high level of individualized service for each guest around the teppan table, and as a result some chefs may fall behind schedule.

Will the chef cook right in front of me?

Yes, all tables at Kobe are communal teppan tables where the chef will cook in front of the guests.

What about parking?

Complimentary valet parking is provided at Kobe as an option. Self-parking is available during off-peak times.

Is Kobe’s food healthy?

Yes, Kobe uses pure vegetable oil to quickly sear fresh ingredients at very high heat to retain flavor and reduce added fat. Much of the butter and oil used to cook is burned off, evident in the smoke billowing up through the massive hood exhaust system.

Will the chef accept special requests?

Yes, if the requests are reasonable.

Can Kobe accommodate my large group?

Yes, most large groups can be accommodated with advanced reservations. The large tables seat 10 guests each, and the U-shape configuration allows for facing tables to accommodate up to 20. Larger groups will have to be split up, though the front desk will try to keep parties close together. The key to successful group dining is to make advanced reservations, preferably during off-peak times (before 5:45 pm or after 8:00 pm), and for the entire party to arrive on time.